A new production center of ZhongCai building launched in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China

On 18 August 2020, a new production center of ZhongCai Building Technology Group was launched in Quanzhou, Fujian Province of China, with the inauguration of the most advanced production line of Nano-Crystallized Glass Panel in China.

Mr. Ren Shuben, FORMER DIRECTOR of the Resource Conservation And Environmental Protection Department of the National Development And Reform Commission; Liu Qiping, Secretary General of the Expert Advisory Committee for Promoting Green and Low Carbon Economy Development, and Editor in Chief of China Low Carbon Network; Mr. He Hongqi, Chairman of ZhongCai Building Technology Group; Mr. Zhuang Xinhuo, Chairman of Zhongjun Zhuangyi (Quanzhou) New Material Co., Ltd.; Mr. Su Jinning, executive Director of Zhongjun New Material Technology Co., Ltd; Mr. Huang Shujun, President of Zhongjun New Material Technology Co., Ltd, and other senior executives of ZhongCai Building Technology Group attended the inauguration ceremony.


The successful holding of the inauguration ceremony marks the formal production of the largest furnace and the longest production line in the industry! The prosperous flame means that ZhongCai Building Technology Group will usher in great development. So far, the group has established 9 production bases in China, covering major economic regions, providing sufficient capacity supply for national partners and strategic partners, and promoting the development of the industry to a more green, intelligent and environmental protection direction.


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